Camping in my Backyard

I had an expirience that I will forever remember: camping in my backyard. Before I went to sleep I saw Orion’s Belt very clearly though the mesh in our tent. I sleeped very good and wasn’t cold at night becase we sleeped in sleeping bags. I woke up and heared all sorts of birds chirping in … [Read more…]

NHL 20

NHL 20 is a hockey video game. It’s like FIFA except with hockey( FIFA is a soccer video game). You can be your favorite team in the NHL. You can decide whether to lock your position, or switch around. You can start fights to gain energy. You can also juke someone out by passing to … [Read more…]

Skiing in Jackson Hole, WY

This spring my family and I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to ski. We tried snowboarding for the first time ever. We had two lessons and we were already doing some double blues. There are different difficulties of trails. the order of the color is green, blue, double blue, black, and double black. I also … [Read more…]

My Second Hockey Tournament

My second hockey tournament was in Charlotte. There was four teams in our division. First we played the Blue Hens ( Delaware) and we lost four to seven. Then we played the Generals (Richmond) and won ten nothing. Then we played the Fire (Atlanta) and beat them seven two. Lastly, we played the Blue Hens … [Read more…]

The Rules And Strategies of Hockey

There are many rules of hockey. One is offsides. Offsides is when you have the puck and are skating towards the offensive zone but your teammate skated across the blue line before you cross it. Then you cross the blue line. The referee will call it offsides.   There is also one called an icing. … [Read more…]

My First Hockey Tournament

This season is my first time in the tournament team. We won one game out of four games. We did not get to play in the championship game. There are four positions not including goalie. Center, Right winger, Left winger, and Defense. To start this is there starting place. Right and Left winger play offense. … [Read more…]

My Most and Least Favorite Video Games

My least favorite video game is Zelda Breath of the Wild. It is adventure game where you are Link. You’ve just woken up from a long sleep. You get clothes and weapons on your quest to save Zelda because she got kidnaped. You fight bad guys called bokoblins. There are red and blue ones. The … [Read more…]

Super Mario Showdown!

Super Mario Odyssey has many kingdoms. These are all the kingdoms (they are not in order). This is the Odyssey. This is the ship that Mario travels in. This is a power moon this is what Mario has to collect to power The Odyssey.

Magic and More!

I recently found a new card game and hobby, Magic the Gathering! At first glance your first thought might be “man this is complicated,” or “what does this even do?” but once you learn even how to play your first game, in no time you might be playing around the dinner table. First, before you … [Read more…]

Movie Mania!

I really enjoy watching movies. Movies can be funny, romantic, and sometimes scary. Some movies have a mortal to them to tell important stories. Movies have different ratings. E, PG PG-13, and R. E stands for everyone. PG stands for parental guidance suggested. PG-13 stands for parents strongly cautioned. Finally, R stands for ages 17 … [Read more…]